Reviewing Business Contracts

When you sign a business contract, you want to make sure your interests in the deal you are entering into are protected. However, poorly drafted contracts may contain vague clauses or loopholes which could cause disputes between the parties.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we assist clients throughout Burnaby and Vancouver, British Columbia, with drafting, reviewing, and amending business contracts. Whether it’s a commercial real estate purchase or entering into a tech agreement with a software company, we will help you protect your interests.

Resolving Contractual Disputes

If there are contractual problems within a signed agreement, the solution does not always have to end with litigation. We can appreciate that each party wants to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible, and with little disruption to their business operations.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we offer our clients a customized approach to their disputes. We know the needs of different types of businesses and industries, so we know what issues to look for and what details to confirm in different agreements. Reduce the risk of future litigation by having our team review your agreement to make sure your interests are protected.

Corporate Law Experience You Can Depend On

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we have helped clients resolve issues for over 35 years and leverage that experience to negotiate a reasonable solution to contractual disputes that is tailored to your needs. However, we will defend your rights in a courtroom if a reasonable outcome cannot be agreed upon.

Come Into Our Offices for a Consultation

Have questions about your contract? Ask our firm how we can help before you sign any documents. Call or arrange a meeting by sending us an email.