At the Michael Golden Law Corporation, we are passionate about being able to help people fulfill their professional and personal dreams using Canada’s immigration and work visa programs. Based in Burnaby, we serve clients throughout the Vancouver area.

Led by founding lawyer Michael Golden, we can help you with applying and obtaining all types of work and student visas such as:

  • Student permits — We can help see if you qualify for a study permit and help you submit the necessary application as well as the temporary resident visa you will also need.

  • Temporary work permits — In most situations, if you are not a Canadian resident and wish to work in Canada, you will need a temporary work permit. These may be either open to enable you to work for any company or employer-specific. Canada has several different work permit categories. There are also exemptions to the requirement. We can help analyze your situation and help you apply for the correct permit.

  • Federal skilled worker visa programs: We can help you submit proof that you have skills that Canada needs, be near or have completed a Ph.D. program in this specialized area and have arranged employment with a specific company.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) immigration: In certain specific cases, we can help you expedite an application process if you qualify for one of the current Provincial Nominee Programs. This often involves already having an employer lined up that wants to sponsor you for immigration.

  • Investor programs: As of July 2013, Canada stopped accepting applications by investors because of the large backlog that exists and to give the federal government time to redesign the program. We can keep you updated as new opportunities in this area become available.

  • Entrepreneur opportunities: Currently, Canada has also stopped accepting applications by entrepreneurs because of the same reasons they have halted the investor chances. We can let you know as circumstances change and how there may be other ways to proceed with your immigration goals.

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