Becoming a Canadian citizen is an important milestone in the life of any permanent resident and foreign national living in Canada. As an immigrant or foreign national, obtaining Canadian citizenship affords you the exclusive rights, privileges, perks, and federal benefits that are only available to Canadian citizens. If you want to apply for Canadian citizenship or understand the citizenship process, consulting with an experienced Vancouver immigration lawyer is imperative for proper guidance. 

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we're dedicated to offering detailed legal guidance and trusted advocacy to clients in immigration and citizenship-related matters. Our legal team can enlighten you about the benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen, explain the eligibility requirements, and educate you about the citizenship process. In addition, our reliable lawyers can help submit your application, guide you through the legal processes involved, and ensure that you receive fair treatment. 

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The Benefits of Citizenship

Citizenship can be described as the process through which a non-Canadian citizen, such as an immigrant, permanent resident, or foreign national, becomes a Canadian citizen. Here are some of the benefits of obtaining Canadian citizenship: 

  • It allows you to live, study, and work in Canada without any restrictions. 

  • It allows you to apply or qualify for certain jobs that are only available to Canadian citizens. 

  • It allows you to vote in federal, provincial, and municipal elections. 

  • It allows you to apply for a Canadian passport. 

  • With a Canadian passport, you can travel to several countries without a visa or get a visa on arrival. 

  • It protects you from being deported to your former country. 

  • It allows you to run for political office. 

  • It allows you to get citizenship for your foreign-born kids. 

  • It allows you to receive consular support when you travel abroad. 

  • It paves the way for more job opportunities. 

As previously mentioned, becoming a Canadian citizen allows you to receive all the benefits, perks, and privileges exclusive to Canadian citizens alone. A knowledgeable Vancouver citizenship lawyer can help determine your eligibility and guide you through the citizenship process. 

Eligibility for Citizenship

In order to be eligible for Canadian citizenship, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • You must be a permanent resident. 

  • You must have lived in Canada for three out of the last five years. 

  • You must have filed your taxes. 

  • You must pass a Canadian citizenship test. 

  • You must prove your language skills. 

However, there are other different or additional requirements if you're applying for a minor, an adopted child born outside Canada, or to regain your Canadian citizenship. An experienced immigration lawyer can help determine whether you're eligible and fully explain the procedures to become a Canadian citizen. 

The Process of Becoming a Citizen

Here are the steps involved in your Canadian citizenship application: 

Determine Your Eligibility: Determine whether you're eligible to become a Canadian citizen. The eligibility requirements are listed above. 

Obtain Your Forms: Obtain the right form for your citizenship application. If you're older than 18 years, you must use the Application for Canadian Citizenship: Adults form. Conversely, if you're applying for your child below 18 years, you will use the Application for Canadian Citizenship: Minors form. All application forms can be obtained online. 

Fill Your Forms: Complete your application by filling out the required information in the citizenship form. Carefully crosscheck to ensure all details are accurate. 

Provide Supporting Documents: Attach your photographs and photocopies of other supporting documents to your citizenship form. Submit your application package to the IRCC either online or using mail. 

Take a Citizenship Test: If your application meets the basic requirements for Canadian citizenship, you will be scheduled for a citizenship test or interview. The interview is to make sure you know about Canada's government, the country's history, voting procedures, and your responsibilities as a citizen. 

Take Citizenship Oath: If you meet all requirements to become a Canadian citizen and pass the citizenship and language test, you will receive a notification about your citizenship ceremony. You will take an oath of citizenship at the ceremony and receive your Certificate of Citizenship. 

A seasoned lawyer can help you file your application for citizenship, guide you through the citizenship process, and help you make intelligent decisions. 

Do I Need a Citizenship Lawyer?

Being a Canadian citizen can make things easier for you and your next generation of Canadians. However, there are a lot of complex procedures involved in the citizenship process. Therefore, it is important that you work with an experienced citizenship lawyer to understand your various options and for detailed guidance. 

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, our lawyers have the diligence and resources to assist and guide clients through the complex procedures involved in obtaining Canadian citizenship. As your legal counsel, we can educate you about your possible options, determine your eligibility, and prepare a solid application on your behalf. Also, our lawyers will help complete your forms, prepare you extensively for your citizenship test and interview, and improve your chances of a successful outcome. 

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