Are you looking to bring your partner or spouse to Canada? If so, a sponsor spousal visa may be the perfect option. If you want to learn more about sponsorship for your spouse, common-law partner, or same-sex marriage partner/spouse, our lawyers at Michael Golden Law Corporation are here to help.  

Our sponsor spouse visa lawyers in Vancouver, BC, can explain what a sponsor spousal visa is, who is eligible to apply for one, the obligations of a sponsor in Canada, and the process of obtaining a sponsor spousal visa in Canada. We also assist individuals in the surrounding areas, including Surrey, Burnaby, and Coquitlam.  

What Is a Sponsor Spouse Visa?  

A sponsor spouse visa allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their partner to come to Canada and live there permanently.  

Individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada through a sponsor spouse visa – which is also known as Canadian spousal sponsorship – must be sponsored by their spouse or common-law partner who is a citizen or permanent resident. The Canadian citizen or permanent resident must submit a sponsorship application in order to begin the spousal sponsorship process. The individual applying for the visa must meet all the requirements set out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). 



Eligibility to Apply  

Under Canadian law, you can become a sponsor for a sponsor spouse visa if all of the following requirements are met: 

  • You are at least 18 years of age;  

  • You are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act;  

  • You currently live in Canada (citizens living outside Canada must demonstrate proof of their plan to live in Canada after sponsoring their spouse or common-law partner);  

  • You can prove that you are not receiving social assistance (unless it’s for a disability); and 

  • You can prove that you can provide basic needs for yourself, your spouse/partner, any dependent children of your spouse/partner, or your dependent children (for those sponsoring dependent children).  

If you are not sure whether you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a sponsor spouse visa, consult with a skilled lawyer to discuss your particular situation.  

Obligations as a Sponsor  

If you are sponsoring someone’s application for this type of permit, then you are legally responsible for them during their stay in Canada. This means that you are obligated financially and otherwise should they require assistance during their time here. You will also need to sign an undertaking form that states that you agree to provide basic necessities should your sponsored partner/spouse require it while they are here.   

When sponsoring a spouse or partner, the sponsor is legally required to sign an undertaking in which he or she takes on the responsibility to provide financial support for the supported spouse/partner’s basic needs, which include: 

  1. Food, shelter, and clothing;  

  1. Anything else needed for everyday living; and 

  1. Dental, eye, and other forms of health care that are not covered by public health services.   

Before signing the undertaking, the sponsor must ensure that the sponsored spouse/partner will not ask the government for financial assistance. In case the sponsored person applies for and receives social assistance from the government, the sponsor will be required to pay back the amount received from the date the sponsor signed the undertaking.  

Process of Obtaining a Sponsor Spouse Visa  

Once you have determined that you are eligible for a sponsor spouse visa and have found someone willing to act as your sponsor, then the next step is completing an application form which can be obtained from CIC’s website.  

As of September 2022, the Canadian government requires everyone looking to obtain a sponsor spouse visa to apply online. Those who cannot apply online for whatever reason and need accommodations have a right to ask for the application in an alternative format.  

Once completed correctly, your application will be sent off for processing where it will take approximately six months before receiving an answer from CIC on whether it was successful.  

Before submitting your application, make sure that you: 

  • Accurately and correctly answer all questions;  

  • Provide all the required information;  

  • Sign your application electronically; 

  • Include a fee receipt; and 

  • Upload all the required supporting documents.  

CIC will reject your application if it is incomplete. When this happens, you will be asked to fix the errors in your application and then re-submit it.  

How Can a Sponsor Spouse Visa Lawyer Help? 

The process of applying for a sponsor spouse visa can be long and arduous. It requires completing several forms, gathering documents that prove eligibility, and more. An experienced lawyer knows exactly what needs to be done in order to maximize your chances of success. They can provide invaluable advice on which forms are necessary, what documentation is required, and how best to present your case. This knowledge simplifies the process and ensures that everything runs smoothly.  

A good lawyer will not only guide you through the paperwork phase – they will also provide emotional support throughout the application process. With their knowledge of Canadian immigration law, they can answer any questions you may have about eligibility criteria or timelines, easing any concerns about your chances of success. A lawyer can also explain what steps need to be taken if there are delays or complications with your application. 

Sponsor Spouse Visa Lawyers in Vancouver, BC

A sponsor spousal visa can be an excellent way to bring your loved one over from abroad if both parties meet all eligibility criteria set out by CIC. If the eligibility requirements or the process of obtaining a sponsor spouse visa seem too complicated, our lawyers at Michael Golden Law Corporation can help. Reach out to our sponsor spouse visa lawyers in Vancouver, BC, to request a time to talk.