The path to citizenship is not an easy one. Immigration law is complicated, and it can be hard to know what to expect when starting the journey. You may feel overwhelmed by the length of the applications you need to fill out, the number of documents you need to gather, and the millions of other hoops you need to jump through. The truth is, something as meaningful as naturalization is rarely a smooth process. Those who seek to immigrate to Canada—and those already here who want to change their status—should not navigate this path alone.

As a legal team composed primarily of immigrants ourselves, we know how important it is to trust in the right kind of counsel. With so much on the line for you and your loved ones, you deserve knowledgeable and compassionate representation. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you with your immigration needs, including family-based or employment-based immigration, schedule a consultation with us today. We also represent clients dealing with business matters, especially those related to immigration.

Guidance Through the Challenges of Immigration Law

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we understand that immigration law can be incredibly complex. We’re here to act as your guide through the legal process. Contact us for help with all types of immigration issues, including:

The Canadian Government encourages immigration to Canada. But the process of obtaining a visa, including permanent resident status, is often not easy. We help people pursue their immigration goals when they need them the most. Give us a call today to arrange an initial consultation. Based in Burnaby, we serve the entire Vancouver area.



Focused on You & Your Goals

There are a number of immigration paths available to you. We will begin our work together by helping you find the answers to these questions and more:

  • What visa applications do you need to bring your loved ones to Canada?

  • Do you qualify to be a business immigrant?

  • Would you benefit from using a provincial nomination program?

  • Where is the best place to submit your application?

  • Do you have grounds to appeal a refusal?

Preparing all the necessary documents required for naturalization can be tricky. Mistakes in the preparation of your immigration application materials can lead to delays and rejection. Determining what factors will be the focus of the decision to accept or reject your application requires experience and attention to every detail throughout every step of the process.

Our team at Michael Golden Law Corporation is ready to provide you with the guidance that you require. We make sure to focus on the issues that matter most to you, from the very start of the process to the completion of your immigration journey. Your goals are our number one priority.

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Since 1985, our Vancouver immigration law firm has helped individuals and families resolve their immigration concerns and take the next step on their citizenship journey. No matter where you live in the Vancouver, BC area, including Burnaby, Surrey, and Coquitlam, you deserve quality immigration counsel. Set up a meeting with our team to begin the process of legalizing your status and moving forward.


Take it from us: while the road to Canadian citizenship may seem full of obstacles, you have the ability to overcome them. Take the first step toward a big change in your life by coming into our office for a consultation. We speak Vietnamese, English, and Spanish in-house, and can also arrange for translation services in other languages.