Resolving Rejections & Appealing Denials

A rejected visa or residency application can cause delays in starting a new job, starting an educational program, or meeting up with your family. In many cases, rejections are the result of errors in an applicant’s submission.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we offer over 35 years of effective litigation experience to guide clients through rejections and appeals. Serving Burnaby and Vancouver, B.C, we will assist you with identifying the reason for the rejection and advise you on your legal options to resolve the situation.

Resolving Application Mistakes & Errors

As multiple attempts at applying for a visa or residency may not be viewed positively by the Canadian government, it’s essential that your application be carefully reviewed. At our firm, Michael Golden works directly on each matter so you can be confident the named lawyer is looking after your needs.

While it may not be necessary for each case to appear before a tribunal or board, we provide effective legal representation to support your case when appealing a denial.

Guiding You Through Challenging Situations

If your situation is more challenging than others, we will exhaust all possibilities to help you navigate through it. We can help you navigate through questionable circumstances such as allegations of a marriage of convenience.

If it’s a criminal charge, we’ll look at the nature of the crime, the possibility of pardons, or other alternative solutions. If it’s health risks or the legitimacy of the job offer, we’ll examine what is required of you to meet the application’s expectations.

Improve Your Second Application

Ask us what you can do to increase the chances of approval on your second submission. Arrange a consultation with our legal team using our online form. You can also schedule a meeting by calling our firm.