Effective Representation for Commercial Litigation Matters

Contract disputes, disagreements between shareholders, construction problems, vendor issues – when something impedes your ability to run your business smoothly, we know you want to have it resolved quickly and efficiently.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, we offer over 35 years of corporate litigation experience to help you resolve your issues with as little headache as possible. Serving the Burnaby and Vancouver communities, our goal is to negotiate a resolution that protects your legal rights and interests.

Protect Your Investments. Protect Your Interests.

When a large sum of money is on the line, parties can quickly become emotional and angry. Each business owner wants to protect their own investment. At Michael Golden Law Corporation, our goal is to remain objective as we develop a legal solution to best resolve the issue.

We’ll use our skilled negotiation techniques to steer settlement talks toward an early resolution. However, we will support your position in front of a judge if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

Break Through the Language Barrier

Reviewing contracts and agreements and negotiating settlements that both parties can agree on can become complex very quickly. We understand that a language barrier can sometimes cause misinterpretation between parties during the negotiations towards an effective solution.

Our staff of lawyers, paralegals and clerks can translate documents and legal procedures to you in Vietnamese, English, and Spanish. We’ll make sure that you understand every decision, rationale, and procedure as your matter moves through the legal system.

Contact Our Firm. Arrange a Meeting. Discover How We Can Help.

When you’re faced with a legal dispute, make sure you know what all of your legal options are and what the potential outcomes may be before you take any action. Call our firm for personalized legal advice on how to protect your interests. You can reach us by phone or send us an email to arrange an initial consultation.