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Incorporate Your Business With Confidence

It’s important to have a solid corporate structure in place for your business from the start. Having carefully worded agreements, contracts, business strategies, and incorporation documents are all essential for the successful operation of your company.

At Michael Golden Law Corporation, our legal team offers effective legal advice for business owners across a variety of different industries. Serving the Burnaby and Vancouver communities, we offer customized legal solutions for small, medium, and large-sized business operations.

Discover The Business Strategy That Suits Your Needs

What types of shares should you offer? What types of provisions can be included in a shareholders’ agreement? Does my company comply with current corporate legislation?

Michael Golden, our lead lawyer, will provide you with personalized answers to these questions and more regarding how to incorporate and govern your business. We’ll advise you on:

  • The costs involved
  • The impact certain decisions will have on your business
  • Any risks, and how to mitigate these situations

We also offer advice on other business concerns. Whether it’s how to obtain a liquor licence for a restaurant, or how to negotiate a lease for a small business, we can provide you with guidance and legal support to achieve your business goals.

No Billing Surprises With Bundled Legal Services

Starting a business can be costly depending on the needs of the business owner. To help provide you with a more cost-effective experience, we offer bundled legal services to our clients.

You may only need our services for certain parts of your start-up process so we will create a bill that reflects the services rendered. We also have flat fees and other billing arrangements available for clients with different needs and goals.

Arrange A Consultation

Still have questions about incorporating a business? Find out how we can help. Call our firm at 877-894-6640 or schedule a initial consultation with our legal team. We also offer translation services in Vietnamese and .