You May Seek a Lawsuit for A Slip-And-Fall Accident

When you suffer a slip-and-fall accident, the last thing you think will happen is that you’ll suffer a serious spinal injury. Unfortunately, even a short fall can result in fractures, disk dislocations and other issues as you attempt to catch yourself or impact your spinal column.

In the days, weeks, months and years to come, you may find that you have to manage your pain levels due to the impact. Rehabilitation could be recommended, and you may even need surgery to correct the injury.

Initially, you may not have felt anything when you fell, but it’s important to get checked out as soon as possible if you feel stiff, sore or even if you don’t. It’s usually the next day when you’ll start feeling the impact of the fall, which is why it’s vital to report your fall to the business when it happens and then to follow up the next day if you’re starting to feel pain or other issues.

After that, go see a doctor. Once you know what’s going on, you can approach the business again with your lawyer. You may find that it’s willing to cover your medical costs without much negotiation, or you may find you need to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation to cover the medical care you’ll need in the future.

Of course, spinal injuries aren’t all you should look out for. Injuries to the knees, shoulders, neck and other parts of the body should also be reported and cared for by a medical professional. Keep all your records, so you can file a claim once you’re in a stable condition. Our website has more information about the documents you should keep on hand.

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