You Can Speak with Your Lawyer After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can happen in an instant; a car that seemed far enough away may have gotten too close and bumped the cyclist, or perhaps a driver didn’t notice a cyclist and turned into him. Whatever the cause, when it’s another person’s fault that you’ve been hurt, you deserve a chance to speak with your lawyer about your options for compensation.

Around 7,500 cyclists are injured every year in Canada, all of whom are seriously hurt. The cost of caring for these injuries adds up in more than one way. Hospital bills are one thing, but losing wages or the ability to do the things you could before can be a burden on yourself and your family.

Most bicycle accidents take place around the afternoon rush hour, when more people are on the roads. Drivers should be keeping a good distance between themselves and cyclists, and they should be aware that cyclists will be present. Despite the fact that cyclists have a right to be on the roads as well, many are hurt or killed by these dangerous drivers. It’s most common to have a cyclist hurt or killed near an intersection, which should be an area where more people are paying attention.

Even at night, drivers should be aware of cyclists on the roads. A shocking 34 percent of cyclists were killed when they were hit by a vehicle in the dark. With proper lighting on the bikes and light-coloured clothing, there should be no reason for that to happen. Our website has more information on your rights as a cyclist and the things you can do if you’ve been hit.

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