Michael Golden Law Corporation Dec. 20, 2016

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is naturally a devastating experience. Knowing that another person’s negligence caused such a death can make the loss even more traumatic. Along with the heartache and grief, the surviving family members also have to cope with unanticipated expenses. Although no amount of money can fill the void left by such a tragedy, financial losses may be recoverable by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Such a lawsuit may follow a fatal crash that occurred on Highway 1 in British Columbia on a recent Saturday.

In a preliminary accident report, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the crash involved a car and a pickup truck that collided head-on. Reportedly, emergency workers transported two occupants of the pickup to hospital for treatment of injuries of unknown severity. Sadly, both the occupants of the other vehicle suffered fatal injuries, and they both died at the accident scene. A traffic analyst and officers of the central interior traffic services have launched an investigation into this crash.

Before claims are considered, the negligent party must be identified. Regardless of who was at fault, the injured passenger and the surviving family members of the deceased passenger can file personal injury and wrongful death claims against the negligent driver. One of the two drivers will likely be deemed responsible, and this will allow the other driver — or the family of the deceased driver — to pursue financial relief. If the deceased driver was the one whose negligence caused the collision, the claims could be filed against his or her estate.

Because the circumstances that caused this crash are still under investigation, pursuing a wrongful death or personal injury claim without legal counsel will be challenging. An experienced British Columbia motor vehicle accident lawyer can launch an independent inquiry to establish negligence. Based on that information, he or she can determine the viability of a lawsuit. A lawyer can navigate the claim and work to obtain recovery of all financial and emotional losses.

Source: CBC News British Columbia, “2 dead after crash on Highway 1 near Kamloops“, Maryse Zeidler, Dec. 17, 2016