Wrongful Death in British Columbia Can Occur in Any Weather

The stark contrast in climate between Eastern Canada and Western Canada has always been a descriptor of the overall national character of our wintry country. Lately, however, the relatively balmy weather that British Columbia is known for has been in flux. The province seems to have switched places with the most snowbound parts of the east. Consequently, there is a need to adapt driving habits in order to avoid an increase in collisions which may result in the potential for a wrongful death lawsuit.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Drivers who are used to mild winters in which only a few centimeters of snow fall tend to drive the same way, regardless of the season. But driving through much heavier snowfalls requires longer braking distances, especially when visibility is reduced. With that in mind, it’s been said that motorists should drive according to prevailing conditions, including traffic congestion and foul weather.

In addition to driving according to weather conditions, traffic volume and challenging terrain, British Columbia motorists need to be alert to what lies ahead in the traffic mix. In a recent case, a three-vehicle crash landed a 40-year-old driver in a ditch, costing him his life. As emergency crews flooded the scene, bringing traffic to a near standstill, another multi-vehicle incident occurred along the very same highway.

The B.C. Coroner’s office continues to investigate the cause of the first fatal crash. The family of the Abbotsford resident must be reeling from their sudden loss. Yet, in the midst of their grief, questions about fault may well arise. Bereaved family members may seek out the assistance of a British Columbia personal injury lawyer to help quantify damages, such as end-of-life expenses, that may be available should the gathered evidence suggest a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.

Source: abbynews.com, “UPDATE: Abbotsford man dies in early morning Hwy 1. crash in Langley (with video)“, Oct. 31, 2017

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