Michael Golden Law Corporation Aug. 20, 2014

A British Columbia woman will be receiving more than $3 million from her husband’s insurance company as the result of injuries she received in 2008 when her husband crashed their vehicle into a moose. The couple and their two children were travelling north on Highway 37 when a moose entered the road from the opposite side, crossed over the oncoming lane and entered the lane occupied by the family’s vehicle.

The woman, who was six-months pregnant at the time, received serious injuries. Her baby had to be delivered by cesarean section. Reports also say that she suffered a brain injury and has been unable to return to work as a teacher. In order to receive compensation for her injuries, she sued her husband.

A good deal of testimony centred on whether the husband should have seen the moose or should have known to be cautious after an oncoming vehicle slowed down to avoid the animal and whether his actions constituted negligence. The award will be paid by the husband’s insurance company. The judge commented on the unusual nature of the case since the husband would stand to benefit from a verdict in favour of his wife. However, the judge said he believed the husband was being honest and was not trying to deceive the court.

As this article points out, an accident victim can suffer a reduced quality of life and incur significant financial loss when injured in a car accident. Anyone in similar circumstances may want to speak with a lawyer who has experience in personal injury lawsuits. The lawyer might be able to review a case and see if it would be possible to file a claim and seek compensation for their injuries. If so, the lawyer might be able to file the claim and represent the victim during proceedings.

Source: National Post, “Seriously injured B.C. woman gets $3.2-million after suing husband who crashed vehicle into moose“, Keith Fraser, August 10, 2014