Michael Golden Law Corporation July 10, 2015

Whiplash can happen to anyone who gets into a serious or even minor car accident, but it does not always present itself immediately following the incident. Indeed, sometimes whiplash can take days to show up after a collision.

Whiplash is definitely one of the most frequently occurring types of car accident-related injuries. It generally happens as a result of the rapid stopping and jerking motion that happens to a car in an auto collision. Simply put, our heads were not designed to be jerked around on our necks like this, and it can result in serious muscle, tendon, and ligament damage, which is what whiplash essentially refers to.

Each case of whiplash is unique and each case affects its victims differently. Indeed, in some cases, whiplash is only temporary and resolves itself very quickly following a collision. However, in other cases, whiplash can endure for years, causing never-ending pain and frustration without ever going away.

Canada patients who suspect that they have suffered a whiplash injury should seek attention from a doctor immediately. Whiplash injuries may require ongoing visits to physiotherapy, rehabilitation and other kinds of treatments, depending on the type and severity of the condition.

Outside of medical rehabilitation and treatment, individuals suffering from the condition might may wish to pursue a legal action relating to the injury — especially if it is deemed that another party is responsible for the accident through negligence or unlawful behavior. It is therefore important to keep detailed medical records relating to all doctors’ visits and doctors’ bills relating to the injuries. This documentation could prove to be essential evidence in making a claim for financial damages relating to the injuries.

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