What You Should Do when You’re in A Bicycle Accident

After you’re in a crash on your bicycle, there are some things you should and should not do. First, remember that if you are the victim of the accident, you should never say you’re sorry or take on accountability for the accident. If you do that, you could be told you are the person at fault, even if you weren’t.

What should you do right away?

Look around at where you are immediately after the accident; look at where your bike is, the car, and other notable parts of the road and area. This can help you if a photo isn’t taken. However, if you can take a picture of the scene, that’s beneficial as well.

Get as much information about the driver and witnesses as possible. If the accident was a hit-and-run crash, remember as much as you can about the license plate, color of the car, and other factors that could help track the driver. Ask witnesses; you may be able to piece together vital information together.

Should you go to the hospital if you’re asked?

If you are asked if you want to go to the hospital, always go. It’s important to have your injuries looked at, even if you think you feel okay.

Don’t talk to the ICBC before you consult with your lawyer. A lawyer is more educated in how to handle the ICBC, and while the law requires you to report the accident, you don’t have to speak to the ICBC yourself. Our website has more information about how the ICBC works after you’re injured.


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