What to Look out For to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Many British Columbia residents have likely pulled their bicycles out the garage after the recent spring equinox. Along with the health advantages of travelling by bicycle, it is also an environmentally friendly transportation method. However, it comes with many dangers, and, as with vehicle drivers, cyclists must know and obey the rules of the road to avoid bicycle accidents.

At the beginning of the season, it is important to overhaul one’s bike and ensure it is in perfect order before taking to the roads. The appropriate protective gear may prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall or other accident. One should explore the bike trails in one’s area and choose city roads with bike lanes where possible. Many hazards exist, and a cyclist must be observant at all times.

New potholes might have formed during the winter, and it is always wise to keep a lookout for pedestrians who are walking while distracted by mobile devices. Cyclist must also avoid cellphone distractions, and, when riding in the city, be aware of their surroundings. Vehicles that had just entered parking spaces present significant dangers because the occupants may open their doors to get out without checking for cyclists.

Bicycle accidents can lead to traumatic injuries requiring expensive medical treatments and long recovery periods. Any British Columbia cyclist who has suffered injuries in accidents that were caused by other parties retains the right to pursue recovery of damages. A consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer can provide answers to questions about the procedures to follow and evidence required for the successful presentation of such a lawsuit in a civil court.

Source: wheels.ca, “What to know for city biking season“, April 8, 2017

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