What Are Some Interesting Bicycle Accident Statistics?

As the warmer weather makes its way into British Columbia, bicyclists are going to start coming out to enjoy the weather. With these small two-wheel bikes on the roadways, it is important for all drivers to pay attention and watch for them because if a bicyclist is struck by a motor vehicle, the injuries to the bicyclist can be serious or fatal.

When do bicycle accidents occur?

Bicycle accidents can occur all day and all night long. Most bicycle crashes and injuries happen during the rush hour in the afternoon. Approximately one out of three fatal bicycle accidents occur at night.

Where do bicycle accidents occur?

Bicycle accidents can occur on any roadway, but seem to be most common on city roads. Approximately 64 percent of fatal bicycle accidents occur on roads that have a speed limit of up to 70 kilometres per hour. The other 36 percent occurred on rural roads. Additionally, bicycle accidents are more likely to occur at intersections or places where traffic control devices are located.

How many bicyclists are injured in accidents each year?

Around 7,500 bicyclists suffer serious injuries each year. Around 18 percent of the cyclists who were killed in traffic accidents were under 16 years old.

These statistics paint a dark picture of what can happen when motor vehicles strike bicycles. For the bicyclists who are involved in accidents, long-term medical care is sometimes necessary. Regardless of how serious the injuries are, the bicyclist might opt to seek compensation from the negligent driver in an effort to reduce the financial impact the accident has on the bicyclist.

Source: Canadian Automobile Association, “Bicycle Statistics,” accessed April. 23, 2015

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