What Are Some Common Brain Injury Facts for British Columbia?

If you have suffered a major head injury due to a car accident, work injury or other situation, you know that you’re going to need to be compensated for your lost wages and other needs. While you can make a claim, it’s also important to know about how you can move forward with your life and how common injuries like yours are.

How common are brain injuries ?

Brain injuries impact you and your family in unfathomable ways. Over 22,000 people in British Columbia suffer brain injuries each year, suffering disabilities that make it hard to work or socialize. There are around 180,000 people in British Columbia living with severe acquired brain injuries, making it a large and silent epidemic. Brain injuries require ongoing care; even mild injuries can last for months, making working or participating in normal social situations difficult.

Why do brain injuries take place?

Brain injuries are the leading cause of death for Canadians under the age of 40. Many of these injuries are caused by falls at home, but others are suffered in car accidents, workplace accidents and other situations.

How much does a brain injury cost?

When you suffer a brain injury that is severe in nature, the medical system has to cover $1,000,000 in medical expenses with around $400,000 more to be paid each year following that injury. You may find that you have many expenses as well. You could lose your job and lose those wages, may have to have your home altered for easier access and disability assistance, and may even need to have a nurse or caregiver in the home.

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