What Are Common Car Accident Injuries to Be Aware Of?

If you’re in a car accident or someone you love is hit or injured in a car crash, you may be facing several kinds of injuries. Car accidents account for around $277 billion in economic damages each year, including costs for those hit and injured or killed, the cost of lost work hours, and other factors. Because of the high cost of an accident, getting compensated is important and something your attorney can help with.

There are some injuries that are fairly common when you’re in a crash. The first set of injuries to look for are head and neck injuries. If you’re in a head-on collision or rear-end collision, whiplash is likely to occur. This is when the head snaps forward and back quickly, damaging the ligaments in the neck and shoulders. Hitting your head on the wheel, dashboard or window can also lead to a concussion or other kinds of traumatic brain injuries.

Back injuries can take place. Damage to the spinal cord due to the impact of the collision could lead to paralysis or reduced sensation around the body. Herniated discs could also cause discomfort and weakness.

Neck and chest injuries are also a possibility. Chest injuries, like bruising from the seat belt, can make the chest uncomfortable. Broken ribs, punctured lungs, and other chest-related injuries can happen if the impact is strong enough. Neck injuries like vocal cord paralysis can happen due to swelling in the neck and whiplash injuries. This is normally temporary but can make it hard for a person to breathe or speak.

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