Unusual Bicycle Accidents in British Columbia: Case in Point

Many residential neighbourhoods have signs posted reminding drivers to slow down for local children who may be playing, cycling or simply walking along a sidewalk. The signs are part and parcel of the preventive measures British Columbia homeowners take to protect their homes and communities from big city perils such as car or bicycle accidents. When homeowners, however, take the law into their own hands, they risk jeopardizing their own safety and the lives of those around them.

On the face of it, a recent case in Langley should not have involved anyone being hit by a car. A break-and-enter was in progress when the thieves were surprised by the unexpected return of the homeowners. Intent on fleeing the scene, the would-be robbers sped away in their vehicle along 40th Avenue. For reasons still unclear, the homeowners followed in their car in what can only be described as a high-speed chase.

According to witnesses, both sets of drivers ignored a stop sign as they swerved left onto 204th Street, striking down a teen-aged cyclist before crashing into a fence. The young cyclist was taken to hospital with serious injuries. As is often the case in many bicycle accidents, the impact sent the 15-year-old flying several feet into the air.

Langley RCMP have yet to determine which vehicle struck the young cyclist. Their investigation may indeed focus on assessing primary fault since the resident’s pursuit caused the excessive speeds. The family of the injured boy might consider consulting a British Columbia personal injury lawyer who could help quantify damages and identify fault in this unusually complicated scenario. Bicycle accidents can occur under any set of circumstances, and a personal injury lawyer experienced in navigating even the most extraordinary injury events might be of great assistance.

Source: cloverdalereporter.com, “VIDEO: Langley teen hit in high-speed car chase“, Katya Slepian, Oct. 3, 2017

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