Tragic Car Accident Shuts Down British Columbia Sea-To-Sky

When boarding an airplane, some passengers — more nervous than others — will choose seats that favour safety over stunning aerial views. By contrast, passengers climbing into a van may pay scant attention to where they sit, despite statistics showing that a car accident is far more likely than an air accident. Sometimes, as on one fateful ride along British Columbia’s fabled Sea-to-Sky Highway, there is no seat safe from injury or tragic loss of life.

On a recent Tuesday, the driver of a vehicle carrying six passengers was headed southbound along the bridge toward Whistler. A northbound pickup truck swerved at the turn and crossed over, colliding with the van. According to reports, air and ground ambulances transported six to hospital.

The van driver and one passenger were killed on impact, and another passenger remains in critical condition. The range of injuries suffered ranges from minor to serious, which is the condition of the pickup driver. There is something ineffable about such a tragedy occurring on a highway famed for its breathtaking, edge-of-the-world seascape.

Two sudden deaths and countless injuries make for families traumatized by such an appalling car accident. Bereaved relatives might question the cause of an event which led to loss of life, along with others whose loved ones were injured. It is in these and similar cases that a British Columbia lawyer experienced in personal injury, including injury leading to death, might offer guidance. Determining where fault may lie and helping to quantify damages could provide a path forward through such unexpected distress and the shock of grief.

Source:, “Double fatal on Sea to Sky“, Darren Handschuh, Jan. 3, 2018

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