Michael Golden Law Corporation Aug. 7, 2017

Driving defensively is one of the primary rules of the road in British Columbia as elsewhere. It sounds like it means that drivers must have eyes in the back of their heads when all it really calls for is being keenly aware of other drivers as well as of the road ahead. Sometimes, however, even the most conscientious driver cannot foresee the domino effect produced by just one irresponsible driver. As the first days of August set in, a car accident in Surrey played out just such an unsettling scenario, sending one victim to hospital.

RCMP were summoned mid-evening to the corner of 64th Avenue and 127A Street where an up-ended SUV was aflame. The impact had landed the vehicle dangerously close to nearby homes in the residential Surrey district. Authorities called in the fire department to prevent flames spreading. Rear-ended by a fast-moving car also headed westbound on 64th Avenue, the SUV driver proved to be only the first of two car accident victims of the speeding car.

The on-site Mounties reported that the reckless driver continued on and hit a second car further along the same avenue. Surrey RCMP are investigating whether speed and alcohol contributed to an incident that involved not one, but two, car accident victims and may entail property damage as well. The young SUV driver who was taken to the hospital could reasonably file a claim for personal injury under the guidance of skilled legal counsel. The driver of the second vehicle struck might consider similar legal recourse.

It is essential when injured in a car accident for the victim or victims to log evidence. This would include eyewitness and first responder accounts, medical information and prognoses, and official police reports. Whether injuries are minor or serious, it can be a challenge to gather such necessary information as part of a legal claim. A British Columbia personal injury practitioner could ably assist and advise a car accident victim throughout the aftermath of such an unfortunate event.

Source:, “3 car crash in Surrey lands Toyota SUV on its side – BC“, Amy Judd Online, August 2, 2017