Suffering from A Drunk Driving Crash? You Deserve to Be Heard

If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury after a crash with a drunk driver, you know that the pain can be intense and lasting. One injury that you might be dealing with is a thoracic or lumbar spinal fracture. This fracture can cause moderate to severe back pain, and it gets worse when you move, making recovering very difficult.

If your spinal cord has been damaged or is impacted by a bone fracture, you may notice that you have weakness in the limbs below the point of injury. You may also find that you have some issues with your bowel and bladder function. Numbness and tingling are possible side effects of the injury.

High-energy trauma, like a high-speed impact from a drunk driver, can add to the injury. The problem with these other injuries is that their severity may take away from the pain in a person’s back, taking attention away from the fact that there is a fracture. For instance, broken ribs would be called a distracting injury, because the pain would overwhelm the pain in the spine in some cases.

After you suffer a spinal cord injury, it’s vital for doctors to treat it as soon as possible. Your vital signs should be monitored to see if your organs are affected by the injury. As long as you are stable, the medical team can start looking at the injury to determine what exactly took place and how to help heal the trauma to your spine as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As a victim, you shouldn’t have to deal with the ins and outs of paying for your recovery. Your lawyer can help collect evidence of your injury to help you get the care you need paid for.

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