Street Racing and Alcohol Thought to Have Caused Serious Crash

All drivers who are on the roadways have a duty to their passengers and other on the roadways to drive in a safe manner. When drivers neglect that duty, people can be injured or killed in accidents. One Canadian father hopes that the story of his daughter’s accident will help to remind drivers to drive in a safe manner.

The man’s daughter was involved in a serious accident involving a car and a semi-truck. It is believed that alcohol might have been a factor in this accident. Police also think that street racing might have been involved. Another vehicle that was involved in the accident hasn’t been found yet.

The girl was in the back seat of the vehicle when it slammed into a semi-truck. The car hit the gas tank of the semi-truck, but the diesel didn’t ignite. The girl’s father said that it likely would have exploded if it had been gasoline instead of diesel.

The car the girl was in ended up lodged beneath the semi-truck trailer. She suffered a concussion, a twisted knee and some cuts. She and two friends were able to get out of the car.

The driver of the car didn’t fare that well. The driver had to be cut out of the vehicle with the Jaws of Life. That person suffered a broken neck.

This story is harrowing. It is a good reminder for drivers to drive safely. It is also a good time to remind people who are injured in accidents caused by a negligent driver that they have the right to seek compensation for their injuries.

Source: CBC News, “Father of victim of alleged street racing crash speaks out,” May 27, 2015

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