Michael Golden Law Corporation April 20, 2016

Spinal cord injuries affect many people each year for a variety of reasons. Workplace accidents, car crashes, truck collisions and other accidents can result in severe damage to the spine that leaves individuals in pain or suffering from paralysis. Every year, it’s estimated that around 1,500 new spinal cord injuries take place. That means that the country as a whole is home to around 86,000 people suffering from these life-altering injuries.

If you’re suffering this kind of injury because of another person’s negligence, it’s important to speak up and learn about your legal rights. You may be entitled to compensation to help you adjust to this injury.

How long does it take to live an independent life with a spinal cord injury?

It depends on your definition of independence. Some people may never be able to live without care support, while others will be able to manage the condition and make adjustments to their lives within a few years. On average, the adjustment takes two to three years.

Does psychological assistance help those who suffer spinal cord injuries ?

Yes. It’s important that intensive psycho-social support is provided to individuals living with new disabilities. Emotional stability is important to ongoing improvements and rehabilitation as well as for making future goals for transitioning into community living and eventually into an independent home.

What are the main causes of spinal cord injuries?

One data set from Ontario states that unintentional falls and motor vehicle accidents top the list for causing spinal cord injuries. Unintentional falls result in around 43.2 percent of injuries, while motor vehicle accidents result in around 42.8 percent of injuries.

Source: SCI Ontario, “Fast Facts,” accessed April 20, 2016