Michael Golden Law Corporation March 26, 2018

It’s something one never wants to experience: helplessness in the face of a head-on collision. Crashing at high speed will dramatically reduce the protection of air bags and seat belts. In a recent car accident in British Columbia, the impact caused by two speeding drivers sent one to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Details are sketchy, but according to police, both drivers had to be rushed to hospital, one by air ambulance. Witnesses must have been on the scene in order for authorities to have known that not one, but both drivers, were driving at high speeds. Fortunately, there were no passengers in either vehicle when the collision occurred.

It makes one wonder why and where these drivers were headed in such a hurry. No matter where, lateness due to safe driving is always the best and most valid reason. “Arrive alive” is a longstanding motto that personal injury lawyers who deal regularly with injury or wrongful death cases share with the motoring public. Indeed, they would be best placed to see the extent of harm caused by reckless driving and recommend legal recourse if and when legal fault can be ascertained.

Thus far, there has been no word on the fate of the driver who suffered critical injuries. The other driver’s injuries were said to be less severe. The circumstances preceding and causing the head-on collision could have played out in a number of scenarios. In a car accident where excessive speed appears to be the culprit, there still remains the question of legal fault. An experienced British Columbia personal injury lawyer could help gather eyewitness and first responder accounts in order to determine where fault may lie and assist in quantifying legal damages.

Source:, “Serious collision in Langley“, Rob Gibson, March 21, 2018