Red Light Accidents: Get Compensated for Your Crash

Some people may not think that running a red light is a big deal. Maybe they do it all the time, because they can see the other roads and where they intersect, making it seem like they can see all oncoming traffic. Maybe the light has a long yellow before red, so the driver thinks he or she can make it through the intersection at the last second. Or, maybe the driver just wasn’t paying attention.

There are a few rules that can be followed at red lights to prevent injuries. First, drivers should always stop at the red light and before entering the intersection. Second, if a driver wants to turn left, he or she should wait for the turn signal or green light. Third, if the driver wants to turn right, he or she has to come to a full stop before continuing into the intersection. If the intersection has a sign stating, “No Turn on Red,” then the driver must stop.

The truth is that red-light accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities, but if these simple traffic rules are followed, accidents can be prevented. If you’ve been in a crash where the other driver drove through a red light, your case may be fairly straightforward. You will need to make a claim to the insurance company for compensation, and you may need to prepare several documents to do so.

Your lawyer can help you work through these papers, so you have everything you need to make a claim for compensation. Our website has more information on red-light accidents and what you can do if you’ve been hurt.

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