Potential for Wrongful Death on Remembrance Day Sadly Common

It’s hard to fathom why the number of car accidents spikes during three-day weekend holidays. The Nov. 11 statutory holiday shows close to a 35 per cent rise in vehicle collisions, in British Columbia and elsewhere. A time set aside for sober reflection on the loss of war veterans, the day takes on an added poignancy when it marks the death of a young adult in a car crash. The bereaved family of the victim might consider the potential for a wrongful death lawsuit in appropriate circumstances.

Complete details have not yet emerged but a recent accident took the life of a young woman and sent two men to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Along with a front-seat passenger, the 20-year-old victim was in the back seat of the demolished vehicle. According to accounts, their northbound driver ignored a stop sign and caused a collision with a westbound car.

Authorities say that the female passenger was not wearing a seat belt. In these circumstances, the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer would provide immeasurable insight. Passenger safety laws differ across the country. In British Columbia, the law places responsibility for passenger safety on the driver who must ensure that all passengers wear seat belts. Charges have already been laid against the 24-year-old who apparently drove through the stop sign.

Many elements of this fatal scenario would need to be carefully assessed and the right questions asked. The accident occurred near dawn on a Saturday. Excessive speed or impairment, as well as willful disregard of signage or reckless driving, would need to be investigated. Determining fault according to British Columbia laws and quantifying legal damages, such as end-of-life expenses, might ease the way forward for grief-stricken relatives who choose to commence a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: globalnews.ca, “20-year-old woman dead, 2 critically injured in northeast Edmonton collision – Edmonton“, Caley Ramsay, Nov. 11, 2017

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