Michael Golden Law Corporation Feb. 12, 2015

If your loved one died because of a driver’s negligent actions, our law firm may be able to help you hold the driver liable for damages. Serving the greater British Columbia area, Michael Golden Law Corporation has nearly three decades of experience in personal injury claims and is familiar with the province’s strict regulations surrounding these legal procedures.

We understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult time for you and your family. That is why our firm works closely with each of our clients through the process of their claim. In order for the claim to be successful, however, there is a certain window of time for filing. When that window closes, it may not be possible to pursue compensation in court.

Should you wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit, the outcome depends on whether how your case relates to the applicable laws. For example, British Columbia’s Family Compensation Act states that only particular surviving relations of the decedent may file the claim, and that compensation may only include economic losses. Our firm could possibly review your case to see if you are eligible to file the claim based on these stipulations. We may even be able to offer you a number of different legal options that are available based on your circumstances.

Some of the possible damages recoverable from a wrongful death claim are end-of-life expenses, medical costs and monetary losses. In many instances, our firm may negotiate with insurance companies. If you feel as though you could benefit from a wrongful death claim, please visit our page on such cases for more information about our firm.