Michael Golden Law Corporation July 29, 2019

Prospective students from all over the globe apply to Canadian colleges and universities each year in the hopes of studying abroad. However, due to stringent Canadian immigration laws, obtaining a student visa has become challenging, frustrating and altogether difficult for certain applicants to achieve, according to an article from earlier this year.

Visa applications can be complex in general, and each type of visa, such as student visas, comes with certain criteria that need to be met. Because this process can be complicated, it’s best to consult with an immigration lawyer experienced in helping students from abroad complete their visa applications.

According to the news report, the biggest challenges are felt by students applying from Pakistan. One Pakistani official has called on Ottawa to investigate the high rate of rejections from Asian countries. Nigeria is another country that was facing challenging security measures for its student applicants, although the article states that their situation has improved.

One of the criteria that poses the biggest difficulty for students is the economic requirement. In many situations where a person is seeking to live in Canada, immigration officials want to make sure that their entry will not cause any financial burdens to the Canadian economy. This means making sure that you, as a student, can support yourself financially, either through a scholarship or other financial avenues, such as parental support.

Because immigration laws can be complex, it can be difficult to make sure that you have gathered all the required documents, and filled in the applications correctly as well.

This is why it's important to provide clear documentation of how you will be meeting any criteria on your application. It’s best to have a legal professional review your documents and help you identify any shortcomings or potential issues with your application. This can help reduce the likelihood of you having to wait and apply again if there was an issue with your application.