Michael Golden Law Corporation Dec. 11, 2017

Ever since the advent of pop psychology and the Me Generation, there have been labels assigned to the following generations, such as Generation X or millennials. In British Columbia, our young people are sometimes chided, in print or online, for self-centered or irresponsible behaviour. In a recent case, the quick and selfless action of a teenager saved a friend from becoming a casualty in a pedestrian accident.

It was mid-morning in Kamloops when the two young teens were walking along a local road. A semi driver attempted to turn southbound onto the roadway, dangerously mounting the curb. It is unclear which of the two girls was more in jeopardy but the semi driver fled, seemingly oblivious or uncaring that his reckless actions had endangered the lives of two pedestrians. One of the teens reacted instantly, and perhaps without thought of her own safety, pushed her friend out of the oncoming rig’s path.

Intended to save her friend from harm and possible death, the push resulted in a fall serious enough to cause her head to strike the pavement;she also broke a finger. There is no question that the parents of both — but especially those of the injured child — felt relief that nothing more dreadful than what initially appeared to be minor injuries were suffered. RCMP continue to search for the semi driver whose near hit-and-run was the apparent primary cause of the teen’s injuries.

The heroic action of a British Columbia teen is ironic when weighed against the negligence of an adult driver. The parents of the injured child might consider consulting legal counsel in this matter. An experienced personal injury lawyer would be best able to address the challenges of a pedestrian accident causing bodily harm by a professional driver who fled, leaving two young people to fend for themselves.

Source:, “Big rig nearly hits teens“, Darren Handschuh, Dec. 6, 2017