Michael Golden Law Corporation Aug. 14, 2017

Motorcycles became common sights on roadways some time after World War I. Robustly built and noisy, they fired up the imagination and recreational motorcycle clubs mushroomed across the country. Yet it is precisely motorcycles’ maneuverability and compactness relative to standard vehicles that may contribute to fatal outcomes on British Columbia and other major highways. When a motorcyclist is involved in a car accident, his or her chances of avoiding life-threatening injuries or loss of life are dramatically diminished.

The Old Island Highway, an older section of Route 19A, is known for alarming rates of road incidents. On a recent Friday, just north of Courtney, a northbound SUV making an unexpected U-turn collided with the motorcycle following along behind. Traffic in both directions came to a standstill as the driver of the motorcycle was airlifted to hospital. Initial reports stated that the Vancouver motorcyclist’s injuries were serious while the driver of the SUV suffered no injuries in the car accident.

The highway remained closed as authorities assessed the scene of the collision. If determinations regarding fault need to be established, the assistance of a British Columbia personal injury lawyer could be useful. Questions concerning poor driver judgment leading to injury, negligence or excessive speed on the part of the SUV driver would be essential. As in all car accidents, the collection of eyewitness and first responder accounts would be equally valuable.

The advice of an experienced British Columbia personal injury attorney might facilitate a full discovery of the facts which led to the serious injuries suffered by the motorcyclist. A car accident may be the embodiment of several factors manifesting in one ill-fated event. When driver fault or error is an issue, however, the journey forward can be complex. Working with and alongside an accident victim, a personal injury lawyer may provide the help necessary to move ahead with confidence.

Source: CTV Vancouver Island News, “Motorcyclist airlifted to hospital after U-turn causes crash near Courtenay“, Aug.11, 2017