How Many People Are Impacted by Brain Injuries in Canada?

Every day that passes results in people’s lives being changed. According to the Brain Injury Association of Durham Region in Ontario, there are 144 new brain injuries each day in Ontario alone. By the end of a year, around 150,000 people will have suffered an acquired brain injury in Canada.

The problem with brain injuries is that they tend to result in permanent disability or death. Even a low impact to the head can cause the brain to swell, and this can lead to life-altering symptoms. Brain injuries are the leading cause of death and of disabilities in Canada for people under 35.

As you may have found out after being in a car accident, motor vehicle collisions account for around 45 percent of all brain injuries. In your case, you may have been struck by a distracted driver or someone who was speeding; the injury you’ve suffered is going to affect you for the long term, and that’s something you can make a claim for.

When you speak with your lawyer about making a claim, it’s important to know facts that can impress upon the court the severity of your situation. For instance, physical symptoms you may suffer could include coordination issues, chronic pain and fatigue, seizures or problems sleeping. You could have memory loss, vision or hearing loss or trouble with your senses.

You may even have impaired speech or trouble with paralysis. These are changes that can affect your work, social life, and other activities, so it’s important to show how you’ve been impacted to get the most compensation.

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