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Michael Golden Law Corporation Feb. 12, 2018

Many movies today feature car chases meant to thrill viewers with edge-of-the-seat action, in the style of “Bonnie and Clyde.” When real life intersects with the kind of mayhem depicted in such films, it makes for a whole different — and terrifying — storyline for British Columbia residents. It takes only one out-of-control driver to endanger the lives of all in his path by causing a car accident, and possibly taking the lives of innocent bystanders.

The vehicle, a luxury SUV, didn’t even belong to a driver apparently fleeing the scene of not one, but two bank robberies. Accompanied by a passenger, the driver sped wildly along a main thoroughfare in Vancouver. After crashing into another SUV with such impact that its windows exploded, the stolen SUV hit another car.

Mercifully, the high-speed getaway finally ended when police cars boxed in both the vehicle and its occupants. Unfortunately, injuries suffered by four individuals in one of the cars struck were sufficiently serious to send the victims to hospital. No doubt, given the sheer recklessness of this desperate driver, the whole scenario could have been much worse.

Nevertheless, all or any one of the four people injured might consider legal recourse through the civil courts. There are times — and suffering the sudden trauma of injury in a senseless car accident is one of them — when British Columbia law can potentially restore confidence to innocent victims. In such cases, the guidance of a personal injury lawyer who could help quantify damages and ascertain legal fault might prove most beneficial. The fact that the vehicle involved may have been stolen adds a legal wrinkle that a lawyer may help solve, particularly with regard to claims for uninsured coverage to which the victims may be entitled under their own motor vehicle or homeowners’ insurance policies.

Source: British Columbia – CBC News, “4 bystanders hospitalized after crash involving robbery suspects“, Feb. 3, 2018