Michael Golden Law Corporation April 3, 2017

Victims of crashes in British Columbia will likely have to answer many questions as soon as their insurance companies — or the other party’s insurance — gets wind of the accident. For this reason, it might help to take note of what they are likely to be asked. It may be best not to simply rely on a police report, and gather as much of the relevant information as possible. This may help the lawyer if it is decided to pursue recovery of damages sustained in the car accident by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

Records of medical expenses will be vital. Copies of bills will be required for insurance and for formally documenting a claim for damages in the civil court. Accident documentation may include bills from the ambulance company, physician, emergency room technicians or professionals, chiropractor and charges for blood work, X-rays, scans and more. A doctor’s report about any potential accident-related future treatment can be added if the claim will include future medical expenses.

If it is possible to photograph the accident scene, it may help the case. The more details recorded, the better, such as whether another vehicle was involved and details about road and weather conditions. Did the crash occur in an intersection, and who was in the intersection at the time of the collision? Any details about witnesses such as names and contact information may turn out to be critical information if their statements or other evidence will be necessary.

Car accident victims may find that they are pressured by insurers to accept a settlement offer. However, they may want to keep in mind that the insurers do not necessarily have their best interests in mind. For this reason, injured motorists in British Columbia often seek the support and guidance of experienced car accident lawyers to assess the circumstances of a crash and determine the viability of a personal injury claim. A lawyer can protect the victim’s interests, and if there is ground for such a lawsuit, all the gathered information will help the lawyer to pursue recovery of damages.

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