Filing an ICBC Claim After a Bicycle Accident

People who ride bicycles in British Columbia are more vulnerable to being injured by distracted or negligent drivers than are motorists, according to authorities. However, bicyclists who suffer injuries and consequent damages on account of a traffic accident may be entitled to restitution through civil action.

Following a hit-and-run bicycle accident, it is important for the injured bicyclist or an advocate for the bicyclist to file a police report in a timely manner. Furthermore, it is prudent for injured bicyclists to seek the counsel and representation of a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer, in addition to other things, may guide the bicyclist in submitting a claim to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

In order to receive compensation through ICBC, an injured bicyclist will need to complete various steps. These steps may differ depending on the nature of the accident and other variables. Some of the variables in an ICBC claim may include whether the driver’s identity is known, whether the claimant has a British Columbia driver’s license and whether the claimant lives with a person who is a British Columbia driver.

After being hit by a car, an injured bicyclist may require a substantial amount of time away from their job and normal daily activities in order to complete rehabilitation. For more information about filing an ICBC claim and what to do after a bicycle accident, visit the bicycle accidents page of our firm’s website. There you can read about some of your legal options following a serious bicycle accident and how an attorney may be of assistance during this process.

Source: Michael Golden Law Coporation, “Vancouver Bicycle Accidents Attorneys“, September 24, 2014

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