Fatality at British Columbia Crosswalk Cause for Wrongful Death

Distracted driving has come to be associated with cell phone use at the wheel. Yet there are other well-known distractions, such as changing a radio station, lighting a cigarette or being diverted by a billboard. Inattention to an upcoming crosswalk in the busiest city in British Columbia leaves pedestrians open to injury as well. When injury leads to loss of life, grounds may exist for a wrongful death lawsuit.

In an eerie echo of what occurred just a few weeks ago to a pedestrian waiting at a bus stop, the injuries suffered by a pedestrian struck down in the middle of a Vancouver crosswalk were at first listed as minor. In such cases, there is every reason to feel relief that life itself was not endangered. Tragically, in this, as in other similar cases, the female pedestrian unexpectedly died from her injuries the very next day.

First reports stated that neither impairment nor speed appeared to be factors. Thus far, no mention has been made of inattentive, reckless or distracted driving. As the authorities investigate, family members must be reeling from first learning of this seemingly minor accident to the traumatic news of their loss. The untimely death of this 23-year-old woman must give rise to a rush of questions that personal injury lawyers are all too familiar with, and which they can help address.

In the midst of the shock of sudden bereavement, the family must deal with end-of-life expenses. These might include any medical costs prior to death, as well as funeral preparations and related expenses. In assisting this sorrowing family to move forward, a British Columbia personal injury lawyer could help determine whether sufficient legal cause exists for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: dailyhive.com, “Pedestrian dies collision east Vancouver“, Eric Zimmer, April 5, 2018

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