Michael Golden Law Corporation Jan. 7, 2015

A large percentage of residents of British Columbia and across the nation consider drunk driving to be a major concern, according to an annual study by The Road Safety Monitor. Although the number of people who died in alcohol-related car accidents was steadily declining since 2006, the number arose to 744 fatalities in 2010. These fatalities represent about a third of all traffic accidents in Canada, which is a slight decrease from several years prior to 2010.

The study further revealed that in 2014, almost 20 percent of Canadians polled said that they had some amount of an alcoholic beverage before driving a car in a 30-day period. This fact remained about the same for each year since 2006. Also for 2014, about 6 percent admitted to having operated a vehicle after consuming more than the legal limit within a 12-month period, which is almost double the amount in the 2012 survey.

In regards to those who admitted in the poll to driving while drunk at illegal limits during 2014, about a third of them stated they consumed alcohol at a family member’s or friend’s residence, nearly 20 percent said they drank at a bar and roughly 20 percent said they consumed alcohol while dining out. Another estimated 20 percent of the respondents said they drank while attending a party while a small amount drank either at home or in other places.

Individuals who attempt to operate a car on public roads while under the influence of alcohol are extremely dangerous to other drivers. Because a drunk driver experiences vision impairment, poor muscle control and the inability to concentrate while driving, a serious car accident may likely occur in which those involved could be severely injured or killed. A local lawyer may be able to help victims of drunk driving accidents by holding the negligent driver liable for their accident-related damages.

Source: Traffic Injury Research Foundation , “Drinking and Driving in Canada”, January 06, 2015