Driver Kills 3 and Car Owner Denies Liability

If you are struck by a vehicle when riding your bike or lose a loved one who was hit, you probably want the person who caused the accident to speak up and take responsibility. In most cases, drivers do. They stay at the scene, attempt to help the victim, and cooperate with law enforcement. Those who don’t are breaking the law and make the entire situation worse for everyone involved.

A case involving three deaths is in the news because of claims that the owner of a vehicle should be held liable for injuries caused by another driver in her car. The owner of a vehicle that hit two cyclists is denying in the case. According to the news, the owner has said that she did not give any permission, implied or otherwise, to the person using her vehicle when the accident took place. It’s not clear if she knew if the person had access to the vehicle, but it would appear that the vehicle was taken completely without permission.

The man who had taken the vehicle struck and killed two cyclists on Highway 99 as he drove; the only passenger in the vehicle was also killed in the accident. When asked, the wife of one fatally wounded cyclist claimed that the driver was intoxicated when the accident took place, which is why he struck the cyclists. The driver has accused the cyclist of negligence leading up to the accident and denied liability.

So far, the driver has been charged with criminal negligence causing death, impaired driving causing death, and for the failure to remain at the scene.

Source: Times Colonist, “Vehicle owner denies liability in B.C. crash that killed two cyclists, passenger,” Feb. 24, 2016

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