Dashboard Cameras Could Be Used as Evidence After a Car Crash

Car accidents happen all the time, and while you may think the other driver is going to be honest, that won’t always be the case. If you’re driving and are hit by a car, it’s your word against the other driver’s word without witnesses or video. In some cases, this can mean that it’s hard to prove who was at fault, too. What can you do to make it easier to win your case?

Your lawyer may begin by asking you to reach out to witnesses, or he may talk to the officers about the accident and what they believe happened. You can help your case, though, if you have your own evidence.

One taxi driver in Canada reported that you should record yourself when you’re driving. Distractions, bad driving habits, a lack of concentration, and other factors can make drivers dangerous on the roads. Sometimes, those drivers get away with the accident because there’s little proof about what happened. Fortunately, if you have a dashboard camera, you can get the entire situation recorded.

Another benefit of having a dash camera is that you can record sound. If the other driver, for instance, admits that he was at fault and then later changes his story, you have proof that he admitted fault at the time of the accident. Cameras can also record near misses and other dangerous drivers on the roads, so if you have to call the police to report them, you’ll have the evidence they need to make sure that driver knows he or she was being reckless.

Source: CBC News, “Driven: Get it on tape, says taxi driver who sees too many near-misses,” April 12, 2016

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