Michael Golden Law Corporation Aug. 3, 2014

A British Columbia cyclist was injured in an alleged hit-and-run car accident on July 30. According to the report, the 55-year-old man was travelling on Kingsway Avenue near Pitt Meadows just before midnight when he was struck by a large passenger vehicle that was thought to be either a truck or a SUV.

The cyclist was reportedly heading home after working when the collision took place. The driver of the truck or SUV did not remain at the scene. It was stated that he was unconscious when he was found at the scene of the accident. The injured cyclist was transported to hospital in critical condition. Authorities stated that they recovered several pieces from the vehicle that was involved in the accident, including the passenger-side mirror.

At the time the report was released, the identity of the hit-and-run driver was not known. Family members of the injured cyclist and the police requested that anyone who had information to get into contact with investigators. It was also not known if the injured cyclist’s condition had improved.

Cyclists who are involved in bicycle accidents are likely to suffer injuries that can range from minor to life-threatening. Injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and damage to internal organs. If it is determined that a motorist was responsible for causing the accident, he or she may be held liable for damages sustained by the cyclist. In order to hold the motorist responsible, the victim might file a personal injury lawsuit, which allows the cyclist to seek compensation in court. Compensation might be awarded to cover the cost of out-of-pocket medical expenses and lost wages if the injured individual was unable to work during his or her recovery.

Source: CBC, “Cyclist Bruce Rickman’s family pleads for hit-and-run driver to come forward“, July 31, 2014