Michael Golden Law Corporation April 8, 2021

Most individuals moving through the immigration process have not done anything intentionally wrong. They have not made fraudulent statements that cast themselves or their families in a more favorable, yet fictitious, light. They have not omitted certain facts that they feel could harm their chances for a smooth transition. Yet, thousands of applications are refused each year. Unfortunately, a rejection can lead to confusion, frustration, stress and disappointment.

While there are countless reasons why immigration paperwork might be rejected, here are some common factors that could lead to trouble.

  • Unintentional misrepresentation: It is not uncommon for people to become confused about the details of immigration paperwork. Filling out multiple employment histories, for example, could make it easy to transpose dates or make other mistakes. Unfortunately, misrepresentation – even unintentional – can result in serious consequences.

  • Health factors: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) might reject an applicant for health reasons. It is not uncommon for the CIC to deem an individual’s medical needs to be too much of a potential burden on Canada’s universal healthcare system.

  • Criminal history: During the immigration process, all countries will perform criminal background checks on applicants. Serious criminal convictions in the past might indicate that an applicant could endanger the health and safety of other residents. Unfortunately, even minor criminal offenses could represent red flags for the CIC.

  • Administrative errors: While these errors might generally be attributed to office work and documentation management, it is possible that the applicant himself or herself could make mistakes during the process. These administrative mistakes can include missing crucial deadlines and failure to attach required supporting paperwork.

From start to finish, it is wise to work with an experienced immigration lawyer who can provide guidance through every step of the process. There are numerous details to remember and simple mistakes can lead to serious consequences. Do not hesitate to take steps that could protect your future.