Car Accident: Spinal Injuries Can Bring Years of Pain

A significant percentage of spinal injuries are caused by automobile accidents every year. Unfortunately, many people in British Columbia and elsewhere lack the knowledge to recognize the signs of spinal injuries after being involved in crashes. Some people refuse transport to a hospital after a car accident but then develop medical problems later.

Injuries that are sometimes not immediately evident include whiplash — soft tissue injuries that are most often caused by rear-end crashes. Symptoms that may appear in the first 24 hours include neck pain, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness and more. The impact of a collision in which a person’s lower body is held in place by a safety belt while the upper body is thrown forward can cause the vertebrae to pull apart and damage the spinal cord. Severe spinal fractures can cause paralysis.

Another spinal injury can occur when a stress fracture forces one or more vertebrae to shift out of place and then put pressure on the spinal canal, causing a condition called sciatica. Pain, weakness or numbness in the leg or buttock can follow. The severe pain may debilitate the victim and continue for years after the original injury.

Disc herniation is another often-missed spinal injury that can bring tingling, weakness or numbness as time passes. This involves the soft centre of the disc pushing through a crack in the disc exterior, often caused by a car accident. Victims of such injuries may be unprepared for the medical expenses and other damages that may follow. However, with the help of a good physician to attend to the victim’s health and an experienced personal injury lawyer in British Columbia to protect his or her legal rights, monetary compensation may be pursued to relieve the financial burdens sustained.

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