Car Accident Prompts Warning About Summer and Motorcycles

A Burnaby RCMP statement used a recent crash as an example to remind motorists to take care on the roads. It says the warmer weather in British Columbia encourages bikers to get their motorcycles out after months of storage. It also warns that both motorcyclists and vehicle operators must not forget about the posted speed limits, and it added that motorists must remain vigilant and always expect the unexpected. This reminder followed a car accident that also involved a motorcycle.

Reportedly, the collision occurred shortly before 5 p.m. on a recent Saturday in a Burnaby intersection. Although the accident is still under investigation, a preliminary report indicates that a southbound motorcycle crashed into a car. The impact caused the biker to be ejected from the bike. The victim was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. It was later reported that the motorcyclist’s injuries might be life-threatening.

Although the vehicle operator was also transported to a medical facility, his or her injuries were reported to be minor. According to a report by Burnaby RCMP, there was no reason to suspect drugs or alcohol to have played a role in this crash, but excessive speed might have been the cause. Authorities also asked for witnesses to come forward.

An injured victim of a car accident in British Columbia may be overwhelmed by the trauma of the crash and the mounting doctors’ and hospital bills. Furthermore, injuries that cause time off work can also create a loss of income, which will likely exacerbate the stress and anxiety. Fortunately, the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer can ease dealings with the ICBC and any ensuing legal proceedings.

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