Car Accident Injures 1 — Deemed to Be Act of Harassment

Law enforcement accused a 46-year-old British Columbia man of intentionally causing personal injury to another person. Most collisions can rightfully be called accidents, but Victoria Police allege that an incident on a recent Wednesday evening was no car accident. They arrested the man and held him in custody pending a court appearance.

An incident report indicates that the accused man drove into another car with the intention of hurting two individuals. Although the two people were not in the struck vehicle at the time of impact, one person suffered injuries. Fortunately, the injuries were not life threatening. Upon further investigation, officers learned that records indicate a domestic violence history between the driver and one of the accident victims.

Authorities suspect that this incident is another event connected to the ongoing antagonism between the two individuals. According to authorities, the man will likely face charges of dangerous vehicle operation and two separate counts of attempted murder. Regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges filed against the man, the injured victim appears to have grounds for a civil claim against him.

The injured victim is entitled to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine the viability of a claim to pursue financial relief to cover damages sustained in this car accident. If negligence is formally established before a British Columbia civil court, a monetary award may include documented claims for medical expenses, lost income and more. Based on the fact that this incident was allegedly an act of harassment, the victim may also seek an award of punitive damages against the driver.

Source: CBC News British Columbia, “Crash leads to attempted murder charges after Victoria collision“, Dec. 29, 2016

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