Car Accident in British Columbia Sets Vehicle Aflame

No matter what state road conditions are in, some drivers remain oblivious. As such, some accident events cannot be blamed on the extreme weather that continues to dog British Columbia this winter. In a recent car accident, one driver, who apparently didn’t know when to quit, left one crash scene only to cause a second collision further on.

Details are sketchy except for the shocking sight of a vehicle aflame on King George Boulevard in Surrey. In all, this driver’s apparent recklessness involved four vehicles, including his own. Surrey RCMP are investigating the driver who fled a crash eight blocks away, then struck two more cars with such force that one vehicle caught fire.

Initial police reports are hinting that alcohol may have been a factor. Fortunately, victims managed to escape the burning vehicle and are being evaluated at hospital. So far, there have been no fatalities. It remains to be seen whether injuries were suffered and whether a legal case can be made for personal injury and related damages.

Car accidents frequently leave victims disoriented and a bit at sea, as they seek to understand what happened and how it came about. An experienced personal injury lawyer in such circumstances might usefully review the apparently wanton behaviour of this motorist, who, first, seems to have defied laws that prohibit leaving the scene of a car accident, and then caused a second, fiery crash. An attorney could assist in determining fault in similar accidents, and help quantify damages arising from irresponsible driving, in fair weather or foul, on British Columbia roadways.

Source:, “Vehicle bursts into flames“, Colton Davies, Dec. 30, 2017

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