Car Accident: Battle Against Distracted Driving Might Save Lives

Unfortunately, many British Columbia residents have suffered the consequences of crash injuries that were caused by distracted drivers. Throughout the month of March, law enforcement across the province will work on creating a higher awareness of the dangers of distractions as well as the importance of wearing safety belts. Every car accident that can be prevented by this campaign may save a life.

The Distracted Driving and Occupant Restraint Campaign will have Royal Canadian Mounted Police cracking down on vehicle operators who text or talk on cell phones or use any mobile devices while driving. During the month-long campaign, police will also be on the lookout for unrestrained drivers and passengers. A spokesperson for the RCMP warned that the fines for these dangerous offences will be steep.

According to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, one in four of all the lives lost on British Columbia roads involves distracted drivers. The number of crashes caused by distracted drivers in the province has surpassed drunk driving accidents. Authorities reminded drivers that the use of mobile devices is even forbidden while stopped at stop signs or red traffic lights. Drivers must safely pull off the road before they use any electronic devices.

Due to the prevalence of distracted drivers on British Columbia roads, many people have suffered financial and emotional damages after being victims of crashes caused by this form of negligence. Fortunately, the judicial system of the province allows car accident victims to pursue claims for recovery of such losses by filing personal injury lawsuits against any drivers and other parties deemed responsible. This is typically a complicated process that is best navigated by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Source:, “Terrace RCMP targeting distracted drivers and unbuckled seatbelts in March“, March 1, 2017

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