British Columbia Tourist Site Possible Scene of Wrongful Death

According to NASA, the Rockies can be seen from space. Breathtaking landscapes across British Columbia draw visitors from all over the world. On a fateful day this month, a tourist visiting the province was barely 30 km from renowned Lake Louise. With majestic Mount Burgess towering above, she stepped out of her car into a road pullout and was struck and killed by an errant driver. Accompanying her on this dreadful day was her husband, who now appears to have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

An RCMP detachment at nearby Golden quickly arrived at the scene. Witnesses recounted how a compact model car headed northbound unexpectedly veered southward into the pullout, striking down the 54-year-old Canadian woman, then careering dangerously close to a second bystander. The vehicle came to a stop only when it collided with the dead tourist’s vehicle, rear-ending it.

A local air ambulance touched down and as quickly departed as, tragically, the victim was beyond life-saving measures. British Columbia authorities are investigating the cause of the fatal collision. On the face of it, the reasons for such an appalling event must appear inscrutable, especially to the victim’s spouse.

While the traumatic memory must be seared in his mind forever, it would be essential that information from eyewitnesses and first responders to the event be collected. Even the photos the ill-fated visitor was taking at the moment of impact might be pertinent. A British Columbia personal injury lawyer could assist in collating facts essential to determining the potential for a wrongful death claim. Legal counsel can also play an important role in attaching end-of-life and related expenses in assessing damages arising from a journey whose final landscape was darkened by loss and death.

Source:, “Tourist killed taking photo“, Alanna Kelly, Aug. 21, 2017

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