Michael Golden Law Corporation Dec. 26, 2017

Many young families in British Columbia choose to live in neighbourhoods where traffic is minimal, largely local and with appropriate speed limits. Sometimes, city planning authorities will forge ahead with enhancements, like bicycle paths, which alter traffic patterns so significantly that a pedestrian accident becomes more, not less, likely. Such a change may have contributed to an 11-year-old being hit by a motor vehicle in front of her own home.

At an intersection dogged by controversy, the young resident was struck down with such force that treating doctors decided to induce coma as a life-saving measure. Well-documented complaints by residents of the Saanich district include obstructed views of the crosswalk, speeding and increased traffic since the addition of a bicycle path on a nearby street. The most recent citizens’ request formally urging the need for reduced speed limits was sent only three days before this ill-fated event.

Police have stated that the investigation may take months. While doctors have stemmed internal bleeding for the time being, a major concern remains for swelling in the brain. Described as “tough,” the young girl is fighting for her life, as the danger of brain or spinal injuries looms. If such life-altering consequences ensue, the school girl’s recovery time will far outstrip the time frame of any police report.

The entire community has rallied behind the best outcome for one of their most well-loved young citizens. Yet, given circumstances which provide more questions than answers, the advice and experience of a British Columbia personal injury lawyer might serve to clarify how and to what degree each factor contributed to the victim’s current state. In a pedestrian accident, ascertaining if and where fault may lie is always challenging, and in this and similar cases, securing legal counsel might be a useful path to take.

Source:, “Girl struck by SUV in Gordon Head described as “really resilient”“, Katie DeRosa, Dec. 22, 2017