British Columbia Family Has Possible Cause for Wrongful Death

Driving while intoxicated, driving while distracted and driving at excessive speeds are recognized as the deadly triumvirate prowling British Columbia highways. At times, however, the cause of an event, especially an ill-fated one like a head-on collision, is obscured by what didn’t cause it. Yet, even when authorities initially rule out any one of the deadly trio, the potential for a wrongful death lawsuit remains available.

Just before midnight on a recent Sunday, a car travelling eastward along Highway 10 suddenly catapulted over several lanes and collided with a westbound vehicle. The tremendous impact killed the driver of the struck vehicle, which was demolished almost beyond recognition. The other driver was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Police have stated that neither impairment nor speed factored in to the fatal crash. Yet the family of the senior whose life was tragically taken may want answers that go beyond surface assumptions and demand deeper investigation. As studies of bereavement have shown, the grief attending senseless, fatal events is most often assuaged by searching out reasons and causes. The full meaning of such an abrupt loss of a loved one may never coalesce comfortably in the hearts and minds of her traumatized family members.

Yet, the path forward through often debilitating grief might be eased somewhat when victims utilize the extensive experience of a British Columbia personal injury lawyer. Legal counsel could assist in determining fault in this sad scenario of personal loss, if fault there was. He or she could also help in collating essentials, such as first responder and eyewitness accounts, and in quantifying end-of-life expenses. Death may indeed be a natural part of life, but wrongful death describes a curtailment of life which is often as unexpected as it is unwelcome.

Source:, “UPDATE: Surrey senior killed in head-on crash along Highway 10“, Sept. 26, 2017

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